AsoBrain Foundation

(Stichting AsoBrain)

The AsoBrain Games site started out as a place for me and some of my friends to play online versions of popular board games. Because the games where running pretty well, we decided to open our site for public.

As you may know, besides time, running a website costs money (hardware, maintenance, hosting). Up until the foundation we've paid for this ourselves, but our member count was growing beyond our budget. That's why we started the AsoBrain foundation, to ensure the continuation of . The goal of the foundation officially states:

Our Goal:

The goal of the AsoBrain foundation is to provide easily accessible online gaming. The foundation hopes to achieve its goal by offering and maintaining online games and their website(s) in a non-profit way.

The Committee:

Chairman:Sjoerd Bouwman (Aso)
Member:Evelyn Ernst (Cuarentaytres)
Member:Herman Ernst

More Information:

Address: Stichting AsoBrain
Turfstekerslaan 16
1394KZ Nederhorst den Berg
The Netherlands
Bank-account: Rabobank: 1146.17.082
IBAN: NL44 RABO 0114 6170 82
Chamber of Commerce:H091589380000