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For those of you who don't know us yet, we are Sjoerd Bouwman (A.K.A. Aso) and Peer S. Heijnen (A.K.A. The Brain). Put together Aso and Brain, and you have AsoBrain.

We met in 1996 because we both began our first year of the 'Higher Informatics Study' at the ICT in Enschede (Netherlands). We immediately got along great and started to build our friendship from there on. During our study we worked together on many occasions which proved to be a success.

In 1998 we had to do an internship (internship USA album) and we decided we wanted to do this at a company in Connecticut, USA (The Allied Group) where we worked on the KioskToolkit. This was a great experience for the both of us, cultural as well as educational. In this period we made a huge improvement on our Java skills.

At the end of our study in 2000 we choose to do our graduation internship and thesis together again. This time at a company in Eibergen, The Netherlands (Numdata B.V.) where we developed a software solution called Soda (Simple Online Design Application). Our thesis on this project was a great success as we where voted 'best thesis' of our year and we where nominated for several other awards.

After our graduation we decided stay at Numdata to keep working on the Soda project.

Well, now you know who we are, feel free to snoop around.